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Experience the beauty of Bethany Beach, Delaware. Our charming resort boasting 26 condominium units nestled in the quaint coastal town along the Mid-Atlantic seaboard. Discover the allure of Summer Place Resort which offers a cozy retreat for families seeking the ideal vacation getaway.

Family-Oriented Beach Resort

Accommodation Features
Unmatched Coastal Views

Wake up to stunning coastal views at Summer Place Resort in Bethany Beach, Delaware. Our 26 condominium units offer a perfect blend of comfort and style for your beach getaway.

Relax and Unwind

Relax and unwind at Summer Place Resort, where you can enjoy the ultimate beach vacation in Bethany Beach, Delaware. With various rates and accommodations, the perfect getaway awaits you.

Thoughtful accommodations aim to make the stay enjoyable and stress-free, providing families of all sizes with comfort.

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